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As rape and sexual violence are continued to be used as control methods, intimidation tactics, and war crime in the US and around the Globe- we can do something to help the survivors!

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Rape continues to be one of the most violent acts and crimes against humanity; mainly women and children. Today, rape is still being used as a weapon in war and too often goes un-dealt with by authorities. Rape is a method violators use to control people, persecute religious women, advance genocide, and intimidate or frighten families. There are almost 500k victims in the US alone per year! And around 763 million around the globe in the last 10 years. This is a crisis. The survivors of these horrific experiences are left to deal with the trauma, insecurity, shame, anger, and stripping of dignity- and I want to help.


Broken Redeemed originally began as a poem I wrote as I dealt with the untreated trauma I’d experienced after 3 separate incidents of rape. The poem was then converted into a performance art piece that i’ve staged at my church to bring a voice to the issue and help those that have also experienced rape and have had no place to put the thoughts, memories, anger, frustrations, and pain. This year, I created a poetry workshop that helps survivors of rape embrace their story and express themselves through creative writing. Now, I am currently adapting the performance art piece into a book that I would like to distribute to local, national, and global organizations that are committed to helping children, women and men survivors of rape.


The Broken Redeemed Project is an effort to bring the Broken Redeemed Performance Art Piece, Poetry Workshops, and book to victims of rape in the US and across the globe. Many oppressed communities and countries do not have access to resources and support- created by survivors, and designed to speak directly to the damaged soul of a victim of rape.


Any support raised will go toward

  • BROKEN REDEEMED PERFORMANCE ART DIGITAL PRODUCTION: that can be viewed live and re-streamed over and again.

  • Professional recording of BROKEN REDEEMED POETRY WORKSHOP that can be attended by survivors around the globe and re-streamed as needed.

  • Cover costs associated with adapting the work into a THE BROKEN REDEEMED PROJECT BOOK that can be distributed digitally and physically to ministries, organizations, shelters, and facilities that serve victims of war crime rapes and sexual violence crimes in general.

  • Other related expenses may include traveling, equipment rental and purchasing, marketing & PR, and other administrative costs.


My goal is to help 100,000 survivors in 2022 and work to increase that number by 50% in 2023. Supporters will receive email updates as new milestones are reached. Please join our mailing list here


Thank you for considering The Broken Redeemed Project as an initiative that you would like to support. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

the book

Pre-order your copy of The Broken Redeemed Project today! Your support is needed!


the performance

Book a live performance of Broken Redeemed or Watch the digital production

THE Poetry workshop

Creativity is how we are cultivating a community! This 10- day workshop is a safe place to release, revive, and refresh! Book a live workshop or secure the digital self-paced version!

THE merch

When you purchase our merchandise, 50% of our profit is allocated toward The Broken Redeemed Project budget!

Thank You!


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