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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

So many dope Kingdom influencers are popping up all over the social media streets. They are young, educated about the culture, and "woke"! But what about us 40 somethings & older saints? Is there room on the Kingdom Influencer block?

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With age comes maaaaaddddd wisdom! My husband always says, why wouldn't you listen to older people...they have more experience and you are better off living as a twenty-year-old using the wisdom of a fifty-year-old. My husband is right- the book of Proverbs is just that; wisdom from a father to his child. I think the social media world is better with the input of seasoned creatives sharing their experiences of triumphs, failures, and uncertainties. There is so much to learn from their journeys and we should all look to encourage our elders to enter into the online world as their authentic selves and share what life has taught them.

An encouraging word goes a long way

A few years back, before social media was the beast it is now, I gave my mother-in-law 12 notebooks for her birthday. Each notebook represented one of her grandchildren and my thought behind gifting her all these notebooks was that she should document her life and testimonies because they were AMAZING! I believed that her grandchildren would benefit greatly from her creating these special little books for each one of them, while she was alive and after her passing. Well, years later (unsure of if my gifts were the fire) but she has begun writing a book of her testimonies! Not only will she create a lasting memory that can be accessed digitally by her family, but now the whole world! She is a perfect example of a seasoned creative influencer that has so much to offer the online world in the areas of a life truly lived well and out of purpose. Please check out her YouTube Channel, The Apple Room, to see exactly what I'm talking about!

Maybe you have an older relative, mentor, or friend who needs to get their butt online and influence? Why not encourage them to not just have a presence online in the comments, but to start creating a space where their wisdom can shine and help others that may not have access to elders or experienced adults that have figured some things out. Today, our audience is global- which means that there are many categories of folks that need guidance and a loving perspective on how to navigate life. Think about foster kids aging out of the system, trafficked youth and young adults, returning citizens, refugees, etc...the list goes on!

Take some time today to consider who needs to be on these internet streets influencing and let's get to influencing!

I'm sure this list will grow, but right now, other than my mother-in-law's social media I'm really feeling Serita Jakes Home (T.D. Jakes') Instagram! Her home products are aesthetically pleasing and awesome and I plan on purchasing her prayers for your husband book. Check out her Instagram and stay connected as I find more of our "Seasoned Saints" that are out here influencing for the Kingdom!

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